992v3 30kV Static Generator

Product Code: 992v3

The Meech Model 992v3 30kV Static Generator creates a controlled level of static charge to impart temporary bonding between materials, at least one of which is insulative.

The 992v3 provides a high voltage output adjustable over the range 0-30kV or a constant current that can be adjusted between 0 and 500µA. The selected output voltage or current is shown on a digital display. The adjustability of the output voltage and current enables the unit to be used in a multitude of applications and with a variety of materials. The 992v3 is used in conjunction with the Model 993R sparkfree generator bar and is available in either negative or positive output polarity versions.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Variable output voltage (0-30kV) or output current (0-500µA).
    Performance can be optimised for a variety of applications and maximum pinning effect can be achieved without risk of overload.
  • Selectable constant voltage or constant current mode with digital display
    Easy setting of required output.
  • Auto trip on detection of ‘flashover.’
    Reduces the risk of damage to equipment and/or materials being processed.
  • Facility to switch the unit on and off remotely.
    Unit can be switched on and off in association with machine operation.
  • Internal switch mode power supply.
    Can accommodate different input voltages and frequencies.
  • Unique display panel allows horizontal and vertical mounting.
    Easy installation on bench or wall.
  • Compact size.
    Provides flexibility in positioning.
  • Twin outputs.
    Multiple generator bars can be connected.

Technical Characteristics

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
    95mm x 180mm x 235mm (HxWxD)
  • Construction
    Painted steel enclosure
  • Maximum temperature
    60 ºC
  • Power input requirements
    Mains supply of 85 to 265V, 47 - 63Hz
  • Output polarity
    Dedicated positive or negative
  • Output voltage
  • Maximum Output current
    0 to 500µA
Meech 992v3 30kV Static Generator