Hyperion 994CG - Compact Generator

Hyperion 994CG Generators

Product Code: A994CG

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The Hyperion 994CG Compact IML Generator is the first generator to be developed as part of the Hyperion range. Developed for the In Mould Labelling (IML) market, Meech has designed the 994CG to meet the growing demand for a compact, lightweight generator to fit on the end of a robot arm.

The 994CG is the only generator to feature 4 x 25kV outlets, allowing the coupling of Meech Hydras without the need for a splitter whilst still maintaining its compact dimensions. Powered by a 21-30V DC supply it is one of the most powerful compact IML Generators available. 


Low voltage wiring

Requiring a 24V DC supply removes the need for high voltage wiring to the compact IML Generator. This greatly simplifies installation; avoiding the need to route high voltage cables from a remote high voltage generator.

Integrated Power Supply (IPS)        

The integral DC power supply uses surface mount high voltage components. This reduces the overall size of the 994CG helping with installation into tight spaces.

Compact size

Allows installation directly on horizontal or vertical access robot arms.

Adjustable Output

The Output voltage can be adjusted to suit sensitive applications. This can be programmed remotely either with an existing PLC control, a Meech Remote Set Point control or via a Meech BarMaster programmer.

PLC Control

The voltage, remote on/off and alarms can be activated, adjusted or monitored via the robot PLC. This can be fully integrated into the robots programming.

Remote Set Point Control

For applications without PLC control or BarMaster connectivity a manually operated Remote Set Point Control can be supplied to allow adjustment to output voltage.

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions (WxHxD)

45mm x 40mm x 150mm (Socket)
45mm x 40mm x 170mm (Terminal)




DuraForm PA (Nylon 12)

Input Current

200mA-850mA Load Dependant

Output Voltage



5 Pin M12

Settings Control

BarMaster, PLC Control or Remote Set Point Control

Set Point

4-20mA, 1-5VDC

Environmental Protection

IP66 – Socket <br />IP64 – Terminal

Local Indication

Two colour solid green = standby, flashing green = charging, red = fault