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Preventing Static Issues During Fibre Optic Coating
Static charges building up on the fibre optic strand affects the coating process, which can result in:  A non-uniform coating being applied to the fibre optic strand resulting in the entire spool having to be discarded due to light transmission quality issues

Static Control On Stretch Hood Palletiser Preventing Misfeeding
The blocking in the material caused during the production of the layflat tube & static charges generating during unwinding, can cause too much resistance when opening the tube, pulling the tube off the fingers

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Hyperion bars – static control range–-static-control-range/
Introduction by David Rogers (Business Unit Director – Static Control): A common need for static elimination is found on digital printing lines

Hyperion Range Extended!
The Meech Hyperion 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain! The latest addition to our Hyperion Range, the Hyperion 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain, is an extremely versatile product that provides effective static neutralisation and dust removal for a wide range of industrial applications

ICE Europe converting industry static control and web cleaning needs
Meech International is displaying its popular range of Hyperion ionising bars and comprehensive web cleaning systems at ICE Europe (Hall A6 - Stand 233) this week, providing the company the opportunity to demonstrate its fundamental understanding of the converting industry

Meech and Convertec at Scanpack 2015
Our Business Development Manager Donald Lewis discusses the Meech Hyperion range and Meech web cleaning systems at Scanpack 2015

Meech answers customer needs - Print Monthly Article
“Meech routinely responds to customer feedback when designing systems for static control and web cleaning applications,” says area manager, Ralph Simon, adding: “This means that our customers in the converting industry can rest assured that our products will answer their specific needs

Meech discusses why the converting industry needs to be aware of static
Ralph Simon (Area Manager, Meech MESA) 1) Why is static an important consideration for the converting industry? Converters need to take notice of static for a number of reasons

Meech displays Static Control and Web Cleaning solutions at Labelexpo Europe 2017
Meech Static Eliminators is displaying its web cleaning systems and Hyperion range of anti-static bars on stand (6C34) at Labelexpo Europe 2017, with a view to highlight the ways its technologies can improve product quality in the labelling market

Meech International showcase their Static Control and Web Cleaning expertise at the Xeikon Café
Meech solutions featured in live folding carton and IML digital applications and during the highly educational Technical Conference Program   Lier, Belgium, February 15, 2017 – With decades of experience in the label and converting sectors, Meech International will share its wealth of technical and application knowledge in web cleaning and static control during live demonstrations and the Technical Conference Program at the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations 2017 (www

Meech introduces new 906 and 907 power supply units
Meech International has launched the 906 and 907 high voltage power supplies as part of the company’s Hyperion range of static electricity control equipment

Meech introduit nouveau Capteur de distance et Système de Feedback sur le salon EMBALLAGE 2014
Meech International utilise l'EMBALLAGE 2014 comme plate-forme pour présenter son nouveau Capteur de distance et Système de Feedback, les dernières améliorations de la série Hyperion de systèmes de contrôle électrostatique

Meech launches its most powerful ionising bar
Meech International has further enhanced its highly successful Hyperion range of anti-static systems with the launch of the Hyperion 971IPS-30 extra long range pulsed DC ionising bar

Meech launches most compact IML generator on the market
The 994CG, a compact in-mould labelling (IML) generator, is the latest innovation introduced by Meech in the run-up to FachPack (Hall 3 – 3-427, Nuremberg 27th – 29th September, 2016) and the K Trade Fair Show (Hall 11 – B60, Messe Düsseldorf, 19th – 26th October, 2016)

Meech launches new Hyperion bar for static control applications
Meech International has further expanded its successful Hyperion range of static control systems with the launch of the 924IPS, a compact, short-range pulsed DC ionising bar

Meech launches new Hyperion ionising air curtain
Meech International has announced the latest addition to its Hyperion range of static control systems, the 959IPS ionising air curtain

Meech reviews K Exhibition 2016
K is our exhibition highlight of the year! It is an event which takes place on a grand scale, including an enormous array of companys within the plastics and rubber industries

Meech Shows Sustained Growth In Key Regions
In a time when a number of European companies face considerable economic challenges, Meech International shows no signs of declining growth thanks to a consistently positive performance across all its regions worldwide

Meech to address web cleaning demands of the labelling industry at Labelexpo Americas 2016
Meech International will be returning to Labelexpo Americas (13th – 15th September, Rosemont, Illinois) to cement its position as the world’s leading provider of web cleaning solutions for the labelling industry

Meech exhibit static control and web cleaning at Textiles show
    Exhibition Introduction: 'Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens showing the full range of potential uses of textile technologies

Meech to exhibit static control and web cleaning solutions at ICE Europe 2015
Meech International is pleased to announce that it will exhibit at ICE Europe 2015, (10-12 March, Munich Trade Fair Hall A6, Stand 233), where its range of static control and web cleaning solutions will be showcased, including two recently introduced enhancements to its static range

Meech to tackle static control issues in the plastics industry at K 2016
Meech International has confirmed its presence at the upcoming K Trade Fair (Hall 11 – B60, Messe Düsseldorf, 19th – 26th October, 2016), the key international exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry

Meech vise au marché international de l'emballage lors de l'EMBALLAGE 2014
Meech International réaffirmera sa position en tant que premier fournisseur mondial de technologies de contrôle électrostatique et nettoyage de bande lors de l'Emballage 2014 (17-20 novembre, Paris)

Meech’s Hyperion range of static control bars to feature at Labelexpo Europe ‘15’s-hyperion-range-of-static-control-bars-to-feature-at-labelexpo-europe-‘15/
Meech’s Hyperion range of anti-static bars will be prominent on stand 6C34, at Labelexpo Europe 2015 (Brussels Expo, 29th September – 2nd October)

Meech’s range of static control and web cleaning technologies to feature at PLASTPOL 2016
Meech International will partner with Polish distributor Entro Holdings to showcase its complete range of web cleaners and anti-static bars at PLASTPOL 2016 (Stand E10, 17th – 20th May, Kielce, Poland)

Milacron's Uniloy product brand installs Meech's 929IPS DC bars on blow moulding machines
Milacron’s Uniloy blow moulding product brand, one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic processing systems, has been installing Meech's Hyperion 929IPS DC ionising bars for the past three years to reduce the level of static activity on its blow moulding equipment

Meech Products at K Plastics and Rubber Exhibition
With just over a week to go until the grand opening of K 2016, in Düsseldorf, Meech is putting the final preparations into place! We are excited to be featuring the Hyperion 971IPS-30, an extra-long range pulsed DC ionising bar, as well as the 994CG, a compact in-mould labelling (IML) generator and the most powerful of its kind! These products are sure to gain much attention and we will be on hand to offer our help and industry advise, specific to your own application

RPC employs Meech Static Control bars for its plastic packaging lines
RPC, a rigid plastics packaging manufacturer based in Rushden, Northamptonshire is the latest company to install Meech International’s 929IPS static control bars in its working environment

Scapa eliminates static issues on its rewind equipment with Meechs Hyperion 971IPS bars
Scapa, a leading global manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components, has become the latest company to invest in Meech’s anti-static solutions, with the installation of five Hyperion 971IPS 15KV Pulsed DC ionising bars taking place in its production environment

Static Control
Matt Fyffe, VP/General Manager, Meech USA 1) What are the latest innovations introduced by Meech in static control? We recently launched at Labelexpo Americas ’14 a new distance sensor and feedback system, a couple of new enhancements to Meech’s Hyperion range of static control systems

Success for Meech at Packaging Exhibition FachPack
It has now been a week since the excitement of Fachpack 2016, in Nuremberg, and we are happy to report the great success attained from the event

Support for Meech Australia at Static HNH
We are proud to announce that Meech will be supporting Static HNH, Australia and New Zealand's only conference and workshop dedicated to static electricity control, offering information, innovation and inspiration

The many facets of customer-led R&D and innovation
Introduction One of the most significant trends acknowledged in many industries today is the need for companies to partner with customers in the R&D (Research & Development) stage of the product development cycle, in order to further enhance and encourage new innovations that are in line with what customers and the market needs at any given time

Werosys incorporates Meech’s Hyperion bars into intelligent converting environment
Werosys is the latest company to employ Meech’s static control solutions, with the installation of thirty Hyperion 929IPS anti-static bars in its production environment

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Static Control
Static Control Brochure, Static Electricity Causes and Cures Booklet and Hyperion Range Brochure