Application Sheet

2564: Drawing of Cooling Using Air Amplifiers

Cooling Using Air Amplifiers



Air Amplifiers can be used to cool items, typically this is engine cooling, electric motors and plastics. Air Amplifiers have also been used to cool products in the food and drink industry.


A car manufacturer uses a heat induction process during the construction of pistons that are heated to 120°C & 186°C. This process involves expanding the piston to allow a connection pin, which connects the piston and the shaft, to be added. The main problem is that the pistons cannot be easily removed from the machine because of the heat retained from the induction process. Valuable time and money is lost whilst the machine is at a stand still waiting for the pistons to cool.

Positioning 2 x Meech Air Amplifier at each of the cooling stations provides enough volume of air to drop the temperature. The machine indexes through eight sections, taking 4 minutes for a complete cycle. The Air amplifiers lowered the cycle time to 3 minutes by halving the cooling cycle time.