Application Sheet

2573: Drawing of Product Moving using Air Amplifiers

Product Moving using Air Amplifiers



The blowing power created by Air Amplifiers have lead to them being used in product selection or product ejection.


Crisp packets moving down a conveyor needed to be re-directed to a delivery chute, and transported to a multi-pack bagging station. Pneumatic actuators activated the system. Due to the high frequency of this process a large amount of the actuators began to fail. The high level of failures led to the replacement of many of the actuators. This meant added expense and machine downtime. Two Air Amplifiers positioned at the top of the delivery chute produced enough airflow to blow the crisp packets to the multi-pack bagging station. Air Amplifiers replaced the pneumatic actuators, as they have no moving parts and are maintenance free they eliminated the down time spent on repairs for this process.