Application Sheet

2586: Drawing of Air Barrier Used For Contamination Or Heat Control

Air Barrier Used For Contamination Or Heat Control



Air Curtains can be used to form an air seal on ovens, cold rooms or heat tubes. The curtain of air produced by the air curtain forms a shield that keeps either cold or hot air in a particular area.


A food producer was losing a substantial amount of heat from their ovens. When the doors were opened to remove the freshly baked food heat was being lost. This resulted in downtime as the ovens reheated and a substantial cost in constantly heating the ovens over and over again.

A Meech Air Curtain was fitted just above the oven door which blew a wall of air over the oven door. This curtain formed a shield keeping the hot air in the oven and the cold air out. The Air Curtain was fitted to a solenoid valve so that it would only switch the compressed air on when the doors were open. This saved compressed air and kept the costs low.