Application Sheet

2559: Drawing of Product Cooling Using Air Curtains

Product Cooling Using Air Curtains



Air Curtains produce a continuous laminar sheet of air which is used frequently in the Food and Drink industry. Air Curtains are typically used to cool products after they have been in ovens and blow clean areas.


A plastic container manufacturer was suffering major problems when removing the flashing from the leading and trailing edges of recently moulded containers. The containers are on a step conveyor approaching a guillotine where the flashing is removed. The problem occurs because of the heat retained in the containers from the previous moulding process. As the guillotine slices across the flashing it causes the container walls to collapse resulting in three problems, high reject rates, loss of profit & high customer dissatisfaction. Air Curtain entrains a large amount of ambient air, which is sufficient to cool the containers. This has allowed the clean removal of the flashing whilst preventing the possibility of the container walls collapsing.