Application Sheet

2558: Drawing of Cabinet & Panel Cooling

Cabinet & Panel Cooling



Cabinet Coolers are used predominantly to cool small enclosed areas. This can be in a number of industrial areas including:

  • Industrial PC cooling
  • CCTV cooling
  • Control panel cooling
  • Product chilling cabinets


A carbon-processing factory has an electrical control cabinet which is sited in a problem area. The issues included the machine continually tripping out due to overheating which led to costly downtime and Carbon ingression from the ambient air being drawn in by the fans which caused the electrical circuitry to short out. Conventional electric cabinet cooling fans couldn’t be used due to the high ambient factory temperature. They also breached the integrity of EMC shielding. A Cabinet Cooler system allowed a supply of clean dry compressed air to cool the unit safely. It also maintained the integrity of EMC shielding. The sealed air of this Cabinet Cooler also removed the risk of contaminants, entering the cabinet. This prevented further electrical short outs, keeping the internal circuitry of the cabinet clean and reducing the level of maintenance.