Application Sheet

2582: Drawing of Water Blow Off using High Thrust Jets

Water Blow Off using High Thrust Jets



The 360° airflow makes the High Thrust Jet perfect for drying. The design lets you pass items through the middle. This allows for complete drying making it ideal for water blow off.


A manufacturer of both rigid and flexible 2mm (OD) plastic extrusions had a problem with excess water being left on the extrusion after travelling through a water bath. This was stopping the extruder from running at full speed because both the cutter for rigid and winder for flexible extrusion could not cope with the water. The excess water was also a problem when packing the extrusion lengths. A High Thrust jet positioned at the end of the water bath both dries the extrusion allowing the machine to be run at a faster speed and acts as a guide hoop to keep the extrusion central to the machine.