Application Sheet

847: Drawing of Static Problems With Wicketing Machine Bagging Lines

Static Problems With Wicketing Machine Bagging Lines



High static charges on the single bags cause a major problem at the bag collating area, especially on high speed machines.

The bags can either cling together or repel on the collated stack. If they cling, it is difficult to load the stack into boxes. If they repel, the correct number of bags cannot be collated on the wicket pins. Also product presentation is poor.


Many antistatic systems have been evaluated in this application. Although adequate for slow machines, they are not fully effective on the newer high speed machines.

One 915 bar should be installed prior to the "A" frame to neutralize charges from the inside face of the material prior to folding.

Two Model 915 bars should be installed on the flat film infeed, positioned just before the cut and seal draw roller.

Two Model 971 bars installed as per the drawing will ensure that the single bags and also the collated stack are fully neutralised.

NOTE: For some products, a low level of retained static charge may be required. The Meech Pulsed DC system allows the power output to be lowered to give the required result. The negative and positive outputs can also be adjusted to achieve more even results. This is not possible with AC systems.