Application Sheet

3630: Drawing of Static Control On A Super Calender

Static Control On A Super Calender




During the super calendering process the speed of the web can be up to 1200m/min, which consequently generates a very high level of static.

Occasionally, when paper breaks occur, the high static charges make the ‘tail’ of the web wrap around the rollers. This can cause severe damage to the soft surfaces of the 8m wide rollers, which results in very high costs to replace the rollers.



Installation of 8 pairs of 2m long interconnected 915 AC bars, to cover the web before each of the relevant 8 roller pairs, will keep the static charges down to a low level.

As a result, when paper breaks do occur, the paper tails are far less likely to wrap around the rollers, and thus the risk of expensive damage to the rollers is greatly reduced.