Application Sheet

3580: Drawing of Preventing Damage Or Weakening Of RFID Tags Due To ESD

Preventing Damage Or Weakening Of RFID Tags Due To ESD



The application of RFID tags to an adhesive web prior to laminating can result in the generation of electrostatic charges high enough to destroy or weaken the chip in the tag. Failure to control these charges can result in field failures and loss of product and production.


The adhesive web needs to be kept free of electrostatic charge during the transfer of the tag. The removal of the tag from the paper carrier will generate high levels of electrostatic charge. Installing a Meech 261 flexi nozzle to trickle feed air over the RFID tag as it separates from the paper carrier can allow the air flow to be utilised to produce a down force, helping adhere the label in place while neutralising the electrostatic charges. Mounting a Meech 971 bar (1) under the web path can control the electrostatic charge on the web during transfer and rewinding, while a second 971 bar (2) will be required to neutralise the lamination prior to being applied to the RFID tags and web.