Application Sheet

3553: Drawing of Stacking & Pinning Food Sachets Before Wrapping

Stacking & Pinning Food Sachets Before Wrapping



Manufactures of dried food products, which require additional sachets or cooking instructions to be wrapped inside the pack, have problems with the sachets or literature slipping or becoming separated. This failure to pack properly will cause manufacturing rejects and additional business costs.

In this case study, dry noodle biscuits are packed with sachets of dried vegetables, oil and flavourings. These sachets are expected to stay in place on top of the biscuit during an automated packing process. A failure at this point will lead to customer dissatisfaction and product / brand rejection by the consumer.


The scientific application of static electricity can produce a quick and effective solution to this package related problem. Immediately after placing the sachets on to the noodle biscuits a high voltage charge is applied to the product, causing the sachets to stick to the noodles below.

The electro-static charge will remain long enough to prevent the sachets slipping off the noodle biscuit allowing the product to be packed consistently and correctly thus ensuring greater customer satisfaction and saving costs.