Application Sheet

3551: Drawing of Static Caused By Cans On Plastic Conveyors

Static Caused By Cans On Plastic Conveyors



A Plastic conveyor belt will generate electrostatic charges. Metal cans travelling along a conveyor will absorb these static charges, resulting in shocks to operators during handling. Static discharges stored in the containers will also cause damage to the electrical circuits of the weighing scales.

Plastic containers can also encounter static issues. The static discharge in the containers will activate metal detectors causing the product to be rejected. Products can also be rejected by incorrect weight due to inaccurate measurement when weighed.

Static charges will also result in contamination being attracted to the charged conveyor belt leading to cross contamination and product rejects.


Installation of a Meech 929IPS Ionising Bar over the conveyor will neutralise the static charges generated by the conveyor belt resulting in lower reject rates.