Application Sheet

827: Drawing of Static Problems Causing Blow Moulding Parison Misalignment

Static Problems Causing Blow Moulding Parison Misalignment



As molten plastic parisons drop towards an open tool, high static charges cause the following problems:

  • Where there is more than one parison per tool, charges are always of the same polarity. This causes the parisons to repel each other. This often results in a failed delivery into the tool and quality failures due to stress lines in the finished moulding
  • With a single parison similar problems can occur when the lone parison is attracted to one of the many metal machine parts.


The Meech model 971 or 971IPS delivers widespread long range ionisation without the requirement for an air delivery system. The spread of ions from this system ensures total neutralisation from the parison extrusion head to the top of the mould tool. This is ideal for very thin gauge parisons which are prone to being prematurely cooled or misdirected by the slightest of air flows.

Where space is tight a 929IPS bar is a good alternative.