Application Sheet

834: Drawing of Fire Risk During Gravure Printing

Fire Risk During Gravure Printing



The use of combustible solvents in Gravure Printing produces a high risk of fire. Static charges on the web and pressure rollers caused during the printing process, can discharge to the impression roller creating an ignition source, igniting the solvent gases. The flash point occurs as the web enters or exits the nip between the pressure and impression roller. The problem is made worse when metallic inks are being used. 

Installation of short range ionising bars is better than no ionising bars, however, they have several disadvantages due to their short range:

  • Ionisation does not reach
  • Becomes quickly contaminated due to the close proximity to inks
  • Short dwell time thus sub-optimal neutralisation
  • Can be damaged easily by a web break


The installation of a Meech 915EX bar, which has an effective range of up to 150mm, will solve all these problems by eliminating the static charge precisely where it is needed. Its extended range also allows it to be installed away from the web reducing contamination and damage issues. The greater range provides a larger ionising footprint, providing a longer time where the web is in an ionising field, optimising the performance.