Application Sheet

803: Drawing of Sheet Folder Dropping Sheets Due To Static Attraction

Sheet Folder Dropping Sheets Due To Static Attraction



Laundry folding machines handle items such as sheets, towels and table cloths. Such items are now normally in man-made fibres and high static charges are generated during transfer through the narrow conveyor systems and folding stations. The static charges cause the items to cling to the conveyor belts. As a result, they miss the folding unit and are then either automatically ejected from the machine or wrap around the rollers. Substituting the standard canvas conveyor belts with conductive belts does not resolve the problem.


A Meech shockless 915 ionising bar should be installed prior to first folding station, as shown in the diagram. It is important that the top conveyor belts should be canvas rather than conductive.  Not only is this a cheaper option but also performance is improved. The lower belts can be either canvas or conductive belts.