Energy Saving High Thrust Jet

Product Code: A38000

Meech Air Technology High Thrust Jets are designed to provide a high power blast of air whilst reducing compressor demand and lowering noise levels.

The High Thrust Jets use a very small amount of compressed air to generate a high power blow off force. This is achieved by forcing compressed air through an adjustable internal circular slot.

The high velocity air from the slot generates an area of low pressure at the rear of the jet that entrains ambient air at a ratio of 4:1. This maximises the high power blow off.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Innovative design
    Giving up to 4:1 air amplification
  • No moving parts
    Low maintenance
  • Adjustability
    Application specific set-up (no shims). Leading to hundreds of different applications
  • Lower noise levels
    Up to 50dBA noise reduction - Health and Saftey compliant
  • Lower compressed air usage
    Lower running costs and in turn lower energy bills
  • Energy Saving

    Can dramatically cut compressed air usage

  • In-line High Thrust Jet version available
    Ideal for for retrofitting open air line blow-off applications where system set-up does not change frequently. It is also perfect to convey fine granular products.
  • Available in brass or aluminium

    Suitable for wide range of industries

  • Available in 6 sizes

    From 9mm to 34mm air outlet

Meech Energy Saving High Thrust Jet