Product Code: IonRinse™

The IonRinse system combines powerful AC ionisation, a custom designed airflow distributor and high quality inline filtration to provide the ultimate in ionised air rinsing.

The high velocity ionised air exits the IonRinse head unit via the airflow distributor. The control of the airflow coupled with the neutralisation of static charges releases contamination from the container which is extracted to the inline filter unit. The blow and vacuum airflows are provided by the central blow, vacuum and filtration unit.

Cleaning performance is maximised with the container fully inverted (opening facing down) as it travels over the IonRinse head.

The video below, courtesy of Traktech SLL, demonstrates how effective IonRinse is when removing flour from a container.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Improved cleaning quality

    Low maintenance

  • No water costs

    Low running cost

  • Fully integrated control system

    Easy to maintain and use

  • Very compact

    Easy to install

  • Easy integration into existing blower in feed formats

    Easy to install

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

    Easy to maintain

  • No chemical costs

    Low running cost

  • No compressed air costs

    Low running cost

  • No water/chemical residue

    Easily kept clean

  • No effluent costs

    Low running cost

Technical Characteristics

  • Stainless steel construction

    High quality and suitable for use in washdown environments

  • Teflon air distributor

    Customised to suit the container and line speed to ensure maximum performance. Teflon material allows the container to run in contact with the surface

  • Twin AC ionising bars

    Built in redundancy with stand alone 'primary' and 'reserve' ionisation systems

  • Large plenums

    Help ensure even airflows along both the air distribution and vacuum slots

  • Constant vacuum along length

    Designed to catch the maximum level of removed contamination

  • Drop down access panel

    Easy maintenance; the ionising bars drop out of the head unit mounted to the access panel

  • Selectable handing

    The air inlet and vacuum ducts can be connected at either end of the head unit to suit the installation space available

  • Single phase 90-250V AC, 50/60Hz electrical supply

    Ease of installation irrespective of available voltage to frequency

  • Variable flow control

    Performance can be optimised to suit the process

  • HEPA and bag filtration

    Excellent level of filtration; 6m2 of E13 media efficient to 99.99% at 0.3 micron and 6m2 F8 media efficient to 90 - 95%
    at 0.4 micron

  • Contacts for auto start/stop

    Can be linked to run with the line giving further energy savings

  • Wall or floor mounts

    Can suit all installation areas

  • Houses ionisation power supplies

    Ease of installation

  • Contacts for filter condition status

    Filter status can be linked to line monitoring system

  • LED displays for ionisation status

    Allows ease of monitoring

Meech IonRinse™