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The Meech IonWash™ is a revolutionary nozzle cleaning system, designed to remove dry un-bonded contamination from components.
The IonWash incorporates specially designed Meech adjustable ionising nozzles which direct the ionisation and air flow towards the components to blow the contamination from the surface of a three-dimensional object in a time and labour efficient manner. Developed specifically with three-dimensional ionisation in mind, the IonWash is the latest innovation in large product and component contamination removal.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Enclosed cleaning chamber

    No manual handling of components required during the cleaning cycle, resulting in consistent and effective contamination removal.

  • High volume blown air flow

    Rapid and effective removal of contamination without the need for compressed air.

  • Closed loop air flow

    Instant high volume positive and negative (vacuum) air flow is generated within a closed loop system resulting in rapid extraction and containment of contamination

  • 16 multi directional nozzles

    Each nozzle can be manually positioned and relocated to target the high volume air flow at the areas of the 3 dimensional component being cleaned for optimal contamination removal.

  • Static neutralisation

    Each nozzle emits powerful blown ionisation at the component to eliminate static charge to loosen and remove contamination. Ionisation balance also be easily adjusted.

  • Advanced filtration

    Particle contamination is trapped via a two stage filtration system using F8 grade bag filter and HEPA H14 filter.

  • Touch screen control panel

    For adjustments to cycle time and air pressure according to requirements for optimal cleaning performance.

  • Fast Installation

    Very low downtime in production

  • Pneumatic Doors

    For easy operation

  • Light Guards

    The system is equipped with light guards on either side of the cleaning chamber. If the light guards are tripped the doors will stop and the system will alarm.

Technical Characteristics

  • Power Output


  • Power Consumption

    4.7KvA (Average for 25 second cycle)

  • Power Supply 

    200 - 400V; 3 Phase; 50/60Hz

  • Dimensions (mm)

    883 x 1248 x 2010-2200 (W x D x H)

  • Usable cleaning area dimensions (mm)

    710 x 710 x 330 (W x D x H)

  • Weight


  • Air Volume Output Capacity


  • Static Charge Decay Time 5000V - 500V)

    0.6 seconds at 280mm and 1Kpa pressure setting

  • Ionisation: Output Voltage

    Up to 12kV

  • Ionisation: Ion Balance

    +/- 10V

  • Flitration

    HT failure 24V signal

  • Noise Level


  • Touch screen controls

    Positive Pressure setting; Cycle Time; Reset; One/Two Operator mode switch; Door Speed Control Valves

  • Physical Controls

    Start; Emergency Stop; Reset; One/Two Operator mode switch; Door Speed Control Valves

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