JetStream Ionising Air Knife System

Product Code: JS-Ionising

The Meech JetStream Ionising Air Knife System is capable of being used in a diverse range of applications – both large and small.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Integral twin ionising bars

    Provides superior ionisation performance whilst minimising maintenance

  • Air entrainment deflectors

    Minimise the volume of potentially contaminated ambient air that is entrained by the air knife and blown on to the target substrate

  • Large plenum

    Ensures even delivery of the airflow along the length of the air knife

  • Inner profile

    Gives a high efficient air flow

Technical Characteristics

  • Air knives

    Overall length from 200mm

  • Air knives

    Available with Ex (ATEX) rated ionising bar option and either top or end air inlet positions

  • Filtration

    As standard, rated to 5 micron

  • Silencing

    Inlet/outlet blower silencer and acoustic enclosure options to control noise levels to as low as 70dBA

  • Control panel

    Blower, ionisation and profiling

Meech JetStream Ionising/Ionizing Air Knife System