Ionising Bars

Meech AC Ionising Bars are powered by external AC Power supplies. They offer 4.5 to 7kV AC output for short range ionisation. The resistive coupling makes them shockless and safe for operators.

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910 Anti-Static Bar thumbnail image
910 Anti-Static Bar

Product Code: 910

The Model 910 anti-static bar incorporates an inductively coupled design that achieves powerful static neutralisation with completely shockproof operation.
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912 Circular Bar thumbnail image
912 Circular Bar

Product Code: 912

The Model 912 circular static eliminator is suitable for applications where 360° neutralisation is required.
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914 Anti-Static Bar thumbnail image
914 Anti-Static Bar

Product Code: 914

The Meech 914 anti-static AC bar has been designed to provide very fast decay times and effective ionisation up to distances of 100mm in high-speed applications.  
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915 Anti-Static Bar thumbnail image
915 Anti-Static Bar

Product Code: 915

Fast and powerful static control for high-speed applications with effective ionisation up to distances of 150mm.
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925 High Temperature Bar thumbnail image
925 High Temperature Bar

Product Code: 925

The Meech 925 is designed to eliminate static in high-temperature applications, with a maximum operating temperature of 150°C.
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