Hyperion 960IPS Mid-Range Ionising Bar

Product Code: A960

The new Hyperion 960IPS from Meech is a compact pulsed DC ionising bar with integrated high-voltage power supply (IPS). Powered by 24V DC, the 960IPS delivers powerful ionisation for mid-range applications. The 960IPS replaces the 929IPS and 971IPS-15kV. The 929IPS and 971-15kV will continue to be manufactured and sold throughout 2020.

The need for powerful ionisation to cope with modern fast machinery is answered by the Hyperion 960IPS. Compact dimensions of just 30mm x 45mm make it easy to install on printing and converting machinery. The 15KV pulsed DC output gives class-leading performance. The default settings will provide ideal static control on most installations with target distances from 150mm to 600mm. For more challenging applications the Hyperion BarMaster or SmartControl programming unit (each sold separately) allows the settings of the bar to be adjusted by the user; to give optimum performance e.g. for improving long-range performance. 


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Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • 15kV Output Voltage

    The new 960IPS bar provides an output of 15kV compared with the 10kV provided by the original 929IPS bar. This 50% increase in power allows the 960IPS to operate at greater distances (up to 600mm).

  • Low Voltage Wiring

    The 960IPS is powered by 24V DC. The connection system is a standard industrial M8 connector. This greatly simplifies installation; avoiding the need to route high voltage cables from a remote high voltage power supply.

  • Adjustable Output

    Performance can be optimised using the optional Hyperion BarMaster programmer or SmartControl:
    Adjustable balance allows fine control in sensitive applications.
    Adjustable frequency allows the selection of the optimum frequency for the target distance. For example, slower frequencies give better control over longer distances.
    Adjustable voltage for improved performance.

  • Shockless Titanium Emitters

    The Titanium emitter pins on the 960IPS are resistively coupled to the high voltage supply. Independent research has shown titanium to be one of the very best materials for emitter pins; with extremely low wear rates. The resistive coupling built into the bar makes the pins shockless to touch, making it safe for operators to handle.

  • Dual Alarm Lines for Clean Pin and Fault Alerts

    The 960IPS adopts the advanced alarm system of the latest Hyperion products. Dual alarm lines tell remote monitoring systems whether the ionising equipment needs routine maintenance or whether there is a more serious system failure. The flexible configuration of the alarm system, allows the alarm lines to be interfaced with PLCs, buzzers and remote lamps.

  • IP66 Construction

    IP66 construction allows the bar to be mounted in areas subject to wash-down or where there is the likelihood of spillages. IP66 provides total dust protection from high-pressure water jets from any direction.

    Please note that should the bar become wet it must be thoroughly dried before being powered-up.

  • Clean Pins Alert

    The local LED is solid green to indicate that the bar is on, working correctly and giving good ionisation performance.
    A red flashing LED shows that Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring technology has detected that the bar needs cleaning.

  • Fault Alert

    Constant red illumination indicates that a fault has been detected on the high voltage outputs.

  • Slimlined End Cap Design

    The end caps of the 960IPS are slimline, resulting in no dead space. The bar offers full-length ionisation, with the effective length the same as the overall length of the bar.

  • Divider

    The 960IPS needs to be able to operate in dirty, factory environments. To minimise the impact of contamination and maximise the interval between cleaning, the bar features a divider between the positive and negative emitters. This divider, first introduced by Meech on the 976 bar, over 15 years ago, is an essential feature of the bar.

  • T-Slot

    Mounting of the bar is made easy using the T-Slot at the rear of the bar. The M4 T-Bolts used are the same as used on other Meech pulsed DC bars.

Technical Characteristics

  • Output Voltage 

    +/- 15kV Pulsed DC

    Range: 2kV - 15kV

    Adjustable via BarMaster or SmartControl

  • Optimum Operating Range

    150 - 600mm

  • Dimensions (WxH)

    30 x 45mm

  • Maximum Length


  • Weight


  • Low Voltage Wiring

    24V DC Supply - Suits installation on modern machinery

  • Integrated Power Supply

    Removes the need for high voltage wiring

  • Construction

    ABS FR

  • Mounting

    ‘T’ Slot with M4 x 30 studs

  • Emitters

    Sharp titanium pins

  • Input Current

    Max 500mA

  • Input Voltage

    24V DC (21-27V DC)

  • Clean Pin Alert


  • Fault Signal Alert


  • Output Frequency

    Default Setting: 5Hz
    Adjustable (1-20Hz) via BarMaster or SmartControl

  • Environmental Protection


  • Max Ambient Temperature

    60 °C