977CM Current Monitoring Pulsed DC Controller

Product Code: 977CM

The 977CM - Current Monitoring Pulsed DC Controller, brings together powerful long-range ionisation; closed-loop feedback; self-monitoring and remote reporting. A complete package, unique to Meech. Self-monitoring and adjustment of performance allows optimum control of static for much longer periods than previously possible. Local display and output signals alert operators to the need to clean the equipment.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Ion current monitoring and control

    Maintains optimum performance for longer periods, by increasing Voltage to 125% of start voltage (i.e 12kV g 15kV)

  • 20/80 to 80/20 balance adjustment

    Charges of either polarity neutralised equally well.

  • LCD display

    Clear indication of real time performance and system settings

  • Customer adjustable alarm setting

    The need for maintenance is clearly signalled before quality issues arise.

  • Integral feedback

    Simplifies and reduces overall cost of “Closed Loop” feedback installation.

  • Internal switchmode power supply

    Accommodates all standard AC supplies worldwide.

  • Remote on/off

    Allows simple interlocking with the machine’s running state

  • Software Lock out

    Prevents unauthorised adjustment

  • Analogue Outputs

    Easy remote logging of performance and residual balance.

Technical Characteristics

  • Input connection:

    IEC Socket C13

  • Input voltage:

    100 V - 250 V AC

  • Input current:

    40 mA maximum

  • Input frequency:

    45 - 65 Hz

  • Dimensions (W x H x D):

    190mm x 170mm x 45mm

  • Weight

    600 g

  • Enclosure:

    ABS; fire retardant - UL94: V0

  • Maximum Temperature (LCD):


  • Output voltage:

    up to 15kV

  • Output frequency:

    1Hz - 20Hz

  • Output balance:

    20/80 to 80/20 Positive/Negative

Meech 977CM Current Monitoring Pulsed DC Controller