Hyperion 233v4 Pulsed DC Controller

Product Code: A233v4

The Hyperion 233v4 Pulsed DC Controller is a compact and powerful 15kV controller, designed with the ability to directly power two Meech pulsed DC ionisers. If additional ionisers are required, these can be connected via splitters. The versatility and flexibility of the 233v4 make it suitable to use in a wide range of industries, with the advantage of a simple installation and controller set-up procedure.

The 233v4 features all of the adjustability and monitoring that you would expect from a Hyperion product. Fully BarMaster compatible, the output voltage, frequency and balance can all be adjusted to suit particularly difficult applications. The adjustable output voltage is particularly useful in very sensitive applications such as those found in cleanroom environments.

A key feature of the 233v4 is Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring technology which allows greater control of the ionisation performance, by monitoring the effectiveness of the ionising output. This is supported with integrated output signals which alert operators of the need to clean the attached ioniser to achieve maximum performance. For example, if performance drops, a flashing red LED will alert the operator to encourage cleaning of the equipment.


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Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with BarMaster 

    Make adjustments to the output settings using the Meech BarMaster

  • Dual Output

    Can power 2 ionisers simultaneously

  • IP Rating


  • Adjustable Voltage

    Allows the power to be reduced for sensitive applications

  • Adjustable Balance

    Allows faster decay times

  • Adjustable Frequency

    Allows optimisation for different target distances

Technical Characteristics

  • Supply Voltage

    24V DC

  • Input Connection

    4 Pin M8 Connector

  • Output Voltage

    2-15kV Pulsed DC, adjustable with BarMaster

  • Number of Outputs

    4 (2 Positive, 2 Negative)

  • Output Frequency

    Adjustable with BarMaster from 1-20Hz

  • Output Balance

    Adjustable with BarMaster from 80:20 to 20:80 Pos:Neg

  • Output Current

    5mA Maximum

  • Electrical Consumption

    Maximum 625 mA

  • Operating Environment


  • LED Indication

    Red/Green/Amber LED

  • Protection Class


  • Remote HT on/off

    3-pin M8 connector (blue and brown wires used)

  • Clean Pin

    HT failure 24V signal

  • Dimensions (mm)

    46 x 93 x 129

  • Weight

    650g approx

  • Housing material

    DuraForm PA (Nylon 12).