CyClean™ Non-Contact Web Cleaning System

Product Code: CyClean

The Meech CyClean™ has been designed in response to increased demand for a compact, high performance, non-contact web cleaning system.

Through the application of advanced computational fluid dynamics, Meech has optimised the cleaning efficiency of CyClean to remove and extract contamination to below 1 micron.

A CyClean system comprises three main components; the cleaning head, active static control and an Air Handling Unit (AHU).

The video below provides further information on the CyClean™ Non-Contact Web Cleaning System. 

Below is an animation that illustrates how the CyClean™ Non-Contact Web Cleaning System Works.

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Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics



Features & Benefits

  • Non contact cleaning

    Eliminates risk of surface marking and damage. No interference with web tension or web tracking.

  • Compact design

    Flexible positioning & easy installation.

  • Integrated static control

    Neutralises static charges to optimise cleaning performance and prevent re-contamination.

  • Unique 'fixed ports' system

    The ducting connections to the cleaning head remain stationary, resulting in easier installation.

  • Air balancing

    Allows complete control of the bias between blowing and vacuum airflows.

  • Auto airflow adjustment

    Reduces the frequency of required operator adjustments.

  • Hinged, clam shell design

    Allows unit to open for easy threading of the web.

  • No consumable items

    Lower ongoing costs

  • Quiet operation

    Can be installed in enclosed work areas. No H&S issues due to noise.

Technical Characteristics

  • Maximum web speed (web driven)

    600 mtrs/min, 1968 ft/min

  • Maximum web width

    up to 2000mm, 78"

  • Duct connections

    Fixed position 6 x 40mm Ø OD

  • Static control (active)

    4 x 914 AC bars, 110/240V AC, 50/60Hz

  • Mounting

    4 x M8 x 16mm holes

  • Standard opening

    Manual with gas strut and end hinges

  • Optional opening upgrade


Meech CyClean™ Non-Contact Web Cleaning System