CyClean-R™ Mid Web Non-Contact Web Cleaning System

Product Code: CyClean-R Mid

CyClean-R is an extension to our extremely popular CyClean non-contact web cleaning range. The CyClean-R was designed to meet the need in the market for an advanced web cleaning system that can be used on web that sits around a roller. This makes the CyClean-R ideal for use in many applications, especially those with low-tension webs.

The CyClean-R provides a specialised solution for low-tension web cleaning. The CyClean-R is designed to be positioned on the roller, where the web tension is at its highest, therefore bypassing the issues of low tension and still delivering excellent surface cleaning. It uses the engineered CyClean cleaning technique of advanced computational fluid dynamics, whilst bypassing the challenges presented by low tension webs by cleaning the web on the roller. It is supplied with the latest Hyperion 924IPS Bars offering industry-leading static elimination.

CyClean-R is available as a single-sided cleaning system, but can be offered as a double-sided cleaning configuration as an option. CyClean-R delivers consistent removal of dry, unbonded contamination from the web surface (particle removal to 0.5 micron is achievable).

The CyClean-R for Mid Webs (200mm - 699mm) is currently available as a fixed system, with either top-feed or end-feed. If you are unsure which system would be best for you, please contact our industry experts for advice.


Features & Benefits

Technical Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Non-Contact Web Cleaning

    Eliminates the risk of surface damage occurring. Also ensures no interference with web tension or web tracking.

  • Unique Shape to Deliver Cleaning over a Guided Roller

    Avoids challenges presented with low web tensions and ensures effective non-contact cleaning without the danger of damaging the web. Due to the shape of the CyClean-R, the air is forced into a precise direction at extremely high velocity, enhancing the cleaning performance.

  • Robust Design

    Ability to clean up to web widths between 700mm - 1299mm.
    Other CyClean-R models able to clean below 700mm up to 4000mm (See Narrow Web and Wide Web CyClean-R).

  • Compact Design

    Space-saving design which can be installed on most machines.

  • Air Balancing

    Allows complete control of the balance between blow and vacuum airflows.

  • Auto Airflow Adjustment

    Reduces the frequency of required operator adjustments. Maintains optimum cleaning performance automatically.

  • No Consumable Items

    Lower ongoing costs.

  • Quiet Operation

    Can be installed in enclosed work areas. No health and safety issues due to low noise output.

  • Static Control

    2 x 924IPS DC Bars

  • Duct spigot options

    Option of end-feed or top-feed spigot configurations up to 1299mm

Technical Characteristics

  • Maximum Web Speed (Web Driven)

    800mtrs/min, 2624ft/min

  • Maximum Web Width

    700mm -1299mm

  • Duct Connections

    Fixed position 40mm Ø OD

  • Mounting

    4x M8 x 16mm holes

  • Opening