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Our product range

Established in 1907, Meech International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of static control, compressed air technology and web cleaning systems, both contact and non-contact. Meech has specialised in industrial electrostatic control for over 50 years. This experience has led to R&D that matches changing customer needs. Meech pioneered the industrial use of pulsed DC technology for static control and now has thousands of systems installed in the plastics, converting, printing and packaging industries. 

 Static Control  Web Cleaning  Meech Air Technology  JetStream  IonRinse

Static Control Equipment


Industrial static control equipment for removal or generation of static

Contact and Non-Contact Web Cleaner Systems


Providing dust and contamination removal from webs

Energy Efficient Compressed Air and Cooling Technology


Used at the point of application to reduce compressed air costs and improve efficiency. 



Ionising Air Knife for contamination removal



Ionised air rinsing system for use in the beverage industry