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Meech Adhesive Rolls

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The quality and performance of the adhesive rolls in any elastomer based web cleaning system is vital to achieve the best levels of contamination removal.

Meech adhesive rolls are manufactured from a moisture stabilised paper base with a release coating to ensure easy unwinding. The paper is coated with an adhesive coating which is specially formulated to work effectively with TransTak elastomer rollers. Meech adhesive rollers have a high adhesive mass, the result of which is longer and more effective cleaning.

Meech adhesive rolls are a continuous roll of 22.4 metres of material with perforations in set positions along the length. The positioning of the perforations gives 70 easily removable (tear off) sections.


A knife is not required to cut the material

Improved operator safety and no risk of damage to the elastomer rollers.

„„No wasted adhesive material

The operator only removes a pre-specified length of adhesive roll material.

Technical Characteristics




High; accurately controlled

Core size

76mm / 3"

Core material

High impact polystyrene


Roll is perforated into 70 removable sections

Total material length

22.4 meters per roll

Available widths

Any roll width up to 1500mm