Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our Approach

Meech International is a family-owned business that operates on a global scale. We drive to create a skilled and reliable worldwide team, who works seamlessly, irrespective of background in order to reach their full potential. We thrive on supplying our customers with expert knowledge and quality products to enable them to achieve their own business goals. We recognise our responsibility to operate ethically and with integrity in all aspects of our operation. At Meech, we appreciate our customer’s needs and understand that as a company we need to be responsive in everything that we do.

Our People

We believe in a fair and equal right to work and commend all of our employees based on their hard work and dedication. Our team is built on the knowledge, creativity and skills of our employees and we encourage career development at all levels. This is enabled through training schemes, which are supported and funded by Meech to ensure all of our employees are able to reach their full potential. As a family-owned business, the idea of a tight-knit team is reinforced through social activities organised by the company, to which all employees are invited to attend.

We promote a respectful workplace environment and ask our global team to work in collaboration to effectively serve our customer’s and work towards our common mission. We value the various cultures of our worldwide employees and appreciate the diversity and expertise that are bought to the company as a result.

Our Community

At Meech, we consider it our responsibility to support our local community and the people who live within it. For this reason, we aim to recruit talented individuals from the local area. This is a policy that we look to replicate throughout our offices around the world.

We are proud to encourage our employees to fundraise and support charities and we believe that it is important that we support those charities close to our team’s hearts. We therefore host charity fundraising events throughout the year.

The Meech Centenary Trust was established in 2013 to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. Over the decades, Meech has grown into a successful multinational business with interests in many markets, and it is because of this success that we feel we have a responsibility to engage with our local community and give something back. Meech have a particular interest in supporting projects that help young people to find work or get back into education in the Oxfordshire area.

The Meech Centenary Trust is held and managed by the Oxford Community Foundation (OCF). The OCF is an independent charity that connects people who care with causes that matter. They inspire local philanthropy and nurture community-based solutions to key social problems across Oxfordshire. Meech also supports their ‘Reciprocate’ responsible business group, a membership network dedicated to bringing companies together to improve the lives of people in Oxfordshire. Being a member of Reciprocate empowers businesses to become more effective and strategic in their engagement with their local community and realise their charitable intentions through the power of many.

Our Sources

We work closely with long-term partners in order to form lasting and reliable business relationships.

When choosing suppliers, we strive to source from companies with a similar ethos: we will never knowingly do business with an organisation who does not share similar commitments and our ethical outlook.

Our Environment

As a manufacturing company, we understand our responsibility to the wastage caused by our processes. We strive to work towards a greener company and a smaller carbon footprint through our waste management, recycling and energy usage strategies. By 2020, we aim to have a 95% recycle rate. This is achievable through the correct recycling of wastage materials where possible, implemented through suitable facilities and collections as well as clear instructions to all employees.

In order to reduce travel requirements, we are investing in teleconferencing facilities: this will reduce the need for face-to-face meetings and allow us to conduct our international business with a small travel footprint.

We design our products to perform over many years. This discourages high product turnover and in turn, reduces the carbon footprint that would come from often, repeated manufacture. The nature of our business, also highlighted within our mission is to ‘design and manufacture innovative solutions to optimise our customer’s productivity’. We provide our customers with the solutions to ensure their production lines run at optimum performance, reducing their waste product. We also produce a range of energy-saving products which save on compressed air consumption and therefore energy usage for our customers.

Our Values

Collaborative: We work together to achieve our common goal.
Innovative: We implement new ideas for better solutions to our customers’ needs.
Reliable: What we do, we do well and on time.