Our People

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Chris Francis


Chris became CEO at Meech in 1981 after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Since then he has played a pivotal role in spearheading its successful growth and development. In addition to his executive duties, Chris is responsible for driving sales growth in Asia, China and North America.

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David Rogers

Technical Director

Providing technical sales support since 1995, David enjoys the long-term relationships Meech forms with its global partners. From a technical background he is also involved with product development. He is responsible for production, engineering and research and development within the company.

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Adam Battrick

Chief Operating Officer

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Adam has responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company. Adam will continue to set the company’s strategy, guiding us on our direction. Adam joined Meech in 1997 and has held sales, marketing and product management roles across each of the Meech ranges, with his last role as Sales Director.

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Iain Cameron

Marketing Director

Iain Cameron joined Meech in 2007. He has a background in Marketing, and was appointed to develop and grow the Meech Air Technology (MAT) range. In addition to this, Iain now also oversees the global marketing of Meech.

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Anita Caddy - Meech

Anita Caddy

Finance Director

Anita joined Meech in 2007 having previously gained many years experience as a Financial Controller within both the manufacturing and service sectors. She is responsible for all the financial processing, reporting and control throughout the group.

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Ian Atkinson

Ian Atkinson

Sales Director

Ian has a wealth of international sales experience which guides him to drive sales growth for all product ranges globally. Ian collaborates closely with colleagues and our distribution partner network to encouraged business development internationally in new markets and new geographies.

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Suzi Lewis

HR Director

Suzi joined Meech in 2014 having previously gained a wealth of experience as a Human Resources professional across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing. She is responsible for all the HR function throughout the group.

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Donald Lewis - Mrech

Donald Lewis

Business Development Manager 

Donald joined Meech in 2012; with a background in label printing and converting he has an extensive knowledge of both industries. Currently his role focuses on the development and sales growth of all Meech products around the world.

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Stewart Gordon-Smith

Business Development Manager

Stewart joined Meech in 1996 and has held a number of different positions within Meech. He has many years experience in industrial static control solutions and is currently responsible for developing sales of Meech products in new territories, including South America and the Middle East.

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Matt Fyffe - Meech

Matt Fyffe

VP and General Manager, Meech USA Inc

Matt joined Meech USA in 1994 and has subsequently been involved in all facets of Meech business activity in the USA. He was appointed VP and General Manager in 2001, with responsibility for day to day operations of Meech USA and the development of Meech business in Latin and South America.

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Rainer Simon - Meech

Rainer Simon

General Manager, Meech Elektrostatik SA (MESA)

Rainer is based in St Vith, Belgium. Having been appointed General Manager of Meech Elektrostatic SA at its formation in 2001, he is responsible for Meech business activities in Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland.

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Richard Kang - Meech

Richard Kang

General Manager – Meech Static Eliminators (Shanghai)

Richard joined as General Manager of Meech Static Eliminators (Shanghai) in April 2015. Richard is responsible for the continued growth of the Meech business in China, including management of both a comprehensive distributor network and a direct sales team.

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Nigel Taylor - Meech

Nigel Taylor

Coordinator, Central Europe

Nigel is based in Budapest and since 2004 has been responsible for the co-ordination of Meech sales activities in the Central Europe region (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia).

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Rushil Shah - Meech

Rushil Shah

General Manager, Meech Shavotech Pvt. Ltd.  

Rushil is based in Pune, India. Rushil joined as General Manager of Meech Shavotech Pvt. Ltd. in August 2007 and is responsible for Meech business activities in India.

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Melvyn Chan - Meech

Melvyn Chan

Sales & Operations Director – SEA Region

Melvyn joined as Sales and Operations Director of Meech International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd in November 2017. Melvyn is responsible for the growth and development of business in the South East Asia region.

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