Air Technology

Compressed air is a safe and reliable power source that is utilised throughout industry. In fact, 70% of UK companies use compressed air in some way. The problem; compressed air is inefficient, expensive and few companies actually look at the way they use compressed air.

Meech manufacture two product ranges both designed to work with a company’s existing compressed air supply. The Air Efficiency Range and the Vortex Cooling Range run solely on compressed air and are used in a wide range of applications within many different industries.

Both ranges are designed to be easy to install, offer fast ROI and noise reductions when compared to traditional compressed air solutions.


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Vortex Cooling Range
The Meech Air Cooling range has been designed to provide effective cooling for any number of...
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Air Efficiency Range thumbnail image
Air Efficiency Range
The Meech Air Efficiency range has been developed to reduce energy costs by effectively reducing air...
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