Static Control

The physical phenomenon of static electricity has been recognised for a thousand years, is experienced by everyone, but understood by very few. Harnessed correctly, static can provide positive manufacturing benefits. The effective understanding and control of static electricity has made Meech a market leader in its field since the 1960s.

Meech manufacture and supply a wide range of electrostatic products that provide anti-static and ESD protection and measurement, static generation, electrostatic control and elimination.   

If you have any questions regarding our static control and static elimination products please call our Head Office on +44(0)1993 706700 or fill in our contact form.


Hyperion Range thumbnail image
Hyperion Range
The Hyperion range of ionising bars and power supplies are the latest, revolutionary, industrial...
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Measuring Equipment thumbnail image
Measuring Equipment
The range of Meech measuring equipment has been designed to provide accurate readings of electrical...
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AC Ionising Equipment thumbnail image
AC Ionising Equipment
A normal mains 110/240V, 50/60Hz AC supply is increased by a special transformer to typically 7kV AC....
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DC Ionising Equipment thumbnail image
DC Ionising Equipment
DC technology allows control of frequency and ion balance (the relative proportion of positive and...
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EX Ionising Equipment thumbnail image
EX Ionising Equipment
Hazardous locations (sometimes abbreviated to HazLoc) are defined as places where fire or explosion...
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Static Generation Equipment thumbnail image
Static Generation Equipment
Static Generation creates a controlled static charge on a non - conductive material that will allow a...
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Other Equipment
Passive eliminators providing a simple method for reducing high levels of static. Working on an...
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