AC Ionising Equipment

A normal mains 110/240V, 50/60Hz AC supply is increased by a special transformer to typically 7kV AC. This high voltage is carried by a shielded HV cable to the static eliminator, where it is connected to an array of emitter pins. This creates a high energy ion cloud, in which a very large number of positive and negative ions are generated. As the AC cycle changes, either positive or negative ions are produced in approximately equal quantities. A statically charged surface of either polarity passing close to this ion cloud will be quickly neutralised.

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Power Units thumbnail image
Power Units
Meech AC power units provide between a 3.5kV and 7kV and are compatible with all Meech AC ionising...
Ionising Bars thumbnail image
Ionising Bars
Meech AC Ionising Bars are powered by external AC Power supplies. They offer 4.5 to 7kV AC output for...
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Flow Tubes thumbnail image
Flow Tubes
Flow tubes are used primarily in handling and conveying systems within industry. Meech has developed...
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Ionising Blowers thumbnail image
Ionising Blowers
By combining ionisation with an integrated fan system, Meech Ionisation blowers are able to offer...
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Ionising Nozzles thumbnail image
Ionising Nozzles
Meech AC Ionising Nozzles use compressed air to offer dust removal as well as neutralising any static...
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Ionising Guns thumbnail image
Ionising Guns
Meech AC Ionising Guns use compressed air to offer dust removal as well as neutralising any static...
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Ionising Air Curtains thumbnail image
Ionising Air Curtains
Meech AC Ionising Air Curtains provide ionisation over longer and wider areas. Ionisation is boosted by...
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Options for AC Ionising Equipment thumbnail image
Options for AC Ionising Equipment
Options for the Meech range of AC Ionising Equipment.  If you have any questions regarding...
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