Measuring Equipment

The range of Meech measuring equipment has been designed to provide accurate readings of electrical charges, the performance (both AC and DC) and the surface resistivity. These hand-held devices are easy to use and vitally important to diagnosing static control issues.

If you have any questions regarding our static measuring equipment products please call our Head Office on +44(0)1993 706700 or fill in our contact form.


983v2 Static Locator thumbnail image
983v2 Static Locator

Product Code: 983v2

The Model 983v2 Static Locator provides accurate measurement of electrostatic charges. Its design enables fast response, low drift and ease of operation.
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984v2 Ion Sensor thumbnail image
984v2 Ion Sensor

Product Code: 984v2

The Meech Model 984v2 Ion Sensor is an easy-to-use device for checking the performance of both AC and DC powered static eliminator bars.
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Test Kit - 983v2 & 984v2 thumbnail image
Test Kit - 983v2 & 984v2

Product Code: 983V2-984V2-KIT

The 983v2 & 984v2 test kit allows diagnosis of static related issues and ionising equipment performance monitoring.
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990SRM Surface Resistance Meter thumbnail image
990SRM Surface Resistance Meter

Product Code: 990SRM

The Model 990SRM is a convenient, pocket-sized meter for measurement of surface resistivity and resistance to ground.
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