Static Generation Equipment

Static Generation creates a controlled static charge on a non - conductive material that will allow a temporary, adhesion between surfaces with charges of opposite polarity. A high DC voltage (up to 50kV) is safely produced and is carried to a static generator bar, where it is connected to an array of suitably designed emitter pins to generate a “corona”. The DC voltage may be positive or negative. The emitter pins are positioned within close proximity of a grounded surface or, for greater effect, a generator bar with emitter pins of the opposite polarity. The material(s) to be bonded are passed into the “corona”, resulting in bonding to the grounded surface or to the other material.

If you have any questions regarding our static generation/static charging equipment please call our Head Office on +44(0)1993 706700 or fill in our contact form.


Generators thumbnail image
Meech Static Generators are designed to create a controlled level of static charge to impart temporary...
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Generator Bars
Meech Static Generator bars are designed to expel a controlled level of static charge to impart...
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Pinning Heads
Meech Pinning Heads provide effective localised static generation pinning. This is ideal for specific...
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IML Hydra Pinning Systems thumbnail image
IML Hydra Pinning Systems
In Mould Labelling requires the use of pinning systems to create the perfect finish. Meech pinning...
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