Pinning Heads

Meech Pinning Heads provide effective localised static generation pinning. This is ideal for specific area applications.


994SPP Single Point Pinning System  thumbnail image
994SPP Single Point Pinning System

Product Code: 994SPP

The 994 Single Point Pinning System provides extremely compact pinning heads. These are ideal for localised static pinning in applications such as in-mould labelling.
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995 Pinning Head thumbnail image
995 Pinning Head

Product Code: A995R-XXXX

The 995 range of Pinning Heads have been designed for use with all Meech static generators and can be operated at up to 50kV.
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995-DE Dirty Environment Pinner thumbnail image
995-DE Dirty Environment Pinner

Product Code: A995-DE-PINNER

The 995 Dirty Environment Pinner provides electrostatic pinning in applications where the risk of contamination is high.
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995 Claw Style Edge Pinning thumbnail image
995 Claw Style Edge Pinning

Product Code: A995-CLAW-1

The 995 Edge Pinning Claw is a powerful pinning head intended for use on cast-film lines
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995R Handheld IML Pinning Head thumbnail image
995R Handheld IML Pinning Head

Product Code: 995R-IML

 The 995R-IML Manual Pinning Head is ideal for the manual application of charge, especially for In Mould Labelling applications.
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995v3 Flexible Pinning Head thumbnail image
995v3 Flexible Pinning Head

Product Code: 995v3

The Model 995v3 Flexible Pinning Head permits accurate pinning of non-conductive materials.
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