IonWash™ Cost Saving Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate the potential time and cost savings from using IonWash™ for 3D component cleaning instead of manual cleaning using an ionising air gun.

Simply enter the data in the boxes below to show the current values for cleaning using an ionising air gun and press calculate button to generate a summary of the potential savings with IonWash.

Note: This calculator is designed to give a summary of the potential saving from using IonWash. Contact Meech or your local representative for more details.

Approximate size of part

This IonWash cost saving calculator includes various assumptions. For more details about IonWash contact your Meech representative or visit this page.

Assumptions include:

  • 20 second IonWash cycle time
  • 2x shifts per day, 5 day working week
  • Compressed air usage for IonWash not included (minimal amount for door operation only)
  • Compressed air system – annual maintenance/filter charges not included
  • Ionising air gun air consumption based on Meech ionising gun 954v2. 13cfm @ 50psi (370 litres/min @ 3.5 bar)
  • Rework time and cost and tack rag cost not included
  • Zero rejects from contamination when using IonWash
  • Parts cleaned per IonWash cycle is estimated based on the dimensions of the part that is entered on the form

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