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Contamination can be costly for component manufacturers:

Contamination leads to poor quality
When it comes to headlight casing manufacture, even the slightest surface imperfections can lead to reduced quality, as particles are attracted to the static charges on the plastic surfaces of the headlights.
Poor quality leads to scrappage
In the automotive industry, both OEM and end-customers expect the best to align with the high price-point of the goods. Manufacturers cannot afford to release sub-standard parts to the production line and risk both product failure and customer satisfaction. As a result, headlight clusters with surface contamination are often scrapped
Scrappage leads to reduced profits
As we all know, reduced profits is bad for business.
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The Problem with Handheld Cleaning

Traditionally, manufacturers have employed a handheld ioniser cleaning method to clean automotive light clusters. However, this presents its own issues, especially when under such stringent measures:


The time spent cleaning a unit could vary from piece to piece.

Not Thorough

The surfaces of complex 3D components could be missed or not cleaned effectively due to human error.


Using handheld ioinisers takes longer than due to human speed and capability.

That's Why We Designed IonWash

Case Study: Engineering IonWash

The client was experiencing high levels of surface contamination on their three-dimensional automotive light clusters. The hand-held ionisers, being currently used, were not providing consistent results and left room for human error with contamination remaining on the light lens and housing. This led to issues with product quality and high rejection rates and meant a high number of light clusters were not meeting the stringent quality control measures put in place by vehicle manufactures. After some research they were unable to find a single solution that met all their needs.

The Solution

Our engineering team were drafted in to create a cabinet unit where the components could be placed and cleaned. The key to this application was producing a unit that could give consistent high levels of surface cleaning, quickly and efficiently. Initially, the design comprised a basic cabinet unit with a separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) to handle the airflows. However, to fully suit the customer’s needs, this was developed into a complete IonWash unit, incorporating both the cabinet and AHU. The innovative directional ionising nozzle design was born - a unique design and the first of it’s kind on the market. The IonWash allowed for precise positioning of the light lens and housing, meaning airflows could be directed across the entirety of the component’s surface. The component simply needed to be placed into a magnetic mount for cleaning. This negated the human error and resulted in a high level of consistency. However, our engineers knew that more could be done. They developed a ‘cycle’ concept with pneumatic opening doors. At the push of a button, the timed cleaning cycle would begin, improving the consistency and increasing productivity by delivering the precise ionisation needed for a set time with each cycle. The IonWash produced significant improvements to the client’s reject rates, finish quality and efficiency, fulfilling and exceeding the brief.

IonWash: At A Glance

The Meech IonWash™ is a revolutionary nozzle cleaning system, designed to remove dry un-bonded contamination from components.

The IonWash incorporates specially designed Meech adjustable ionising nozzles which direct the ionisation and air flow towards the components to blow the contamination from the surface of a three-dimensional object in a time and labour efficient manner.

Developed specifically with three-dimensional ionisation in mind, the IonWash is the latest innovation in large product and component contamination removal.

The 3 Steps of IonWash

The Benefits of IonWash

Consistent Cleaning

IonWash can be set to run at programmed times to achieve the optimum cleaning. This means each headlight cluster unit is exposed to the same level and time of cleaning.

Thorough Coverage

The manouverable nozzles of the IonWash can be aimed to provide full surface ionisation and air pressure of 3D components, ensuring a thorough cleaning performance with every unit.


Simply place the headlight cluster unit into the mount in the IonWash and press the start button to commence the cleaning cycle.

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