JetStream for Automotive


Ensuring the Ultimate Finish

The Cost of Contamination on the Paintline

Imperfect paintwork
When on the paint line, any contamination present on the surface of the bodywork can have disasterous effects on the final paint quality as contaminants will often cause obvious and unsightly imprefections once paint and finishes have been applied.
Not meeting first-time pass rates
The need to rework the paintwork, or even scrap the automotive parts completely can be extremely detrimental to both the efficiency of the line and also to the profit margin, especially when this is an ongoing issue within the production line.
A quality sacrifice
A commitment to quality reflects and the high price point of the automotive industry. There is little room for error or imperfection when it comes to finish in the automotive sector and brand perception can be greatly damaged by a poor quality finish.
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That's Why We Designed JetStream

Case Study: Engineering JetStream for Automotive

The client was interested in our Meech JetStream technology, a fan driven ionising air knife that offers unparalleled contamination removal. The project involved cleaning the surface of the vehicle prior to the paint application. Without this technology, contamination on the surface of the car body would be encased within the paint leading to an increased number of failures at quality control and ultimately higher production costs. The client required a more advanced, full profile cleaning of the bodywork that would be suitable for a number of car body shapes; cleaning consistently no matter which vehicle model was on the production line.

The Solution

Building on our existing expertise with air knife systems, we developed the idea of a dynamic profiling JetStream. The system was designed with sensors that would allow the JetStream to move at a consistently close distance from the surface of the car body. This would provide a higher degree of surface cleaning and the automated sensored movement would mean that the new profiling JetStream could be used on the line for cars of all shapes and sizes, whilst still maintaining an accurate cleaning performance.

JetStream: At A Glance

The Meech JetStream ionising air knife system is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a world-leading solution for contamination removal.

Capable of being used in a diverse range of applications – both large and small – JetStream’s unique technology provides ultimate performance, combined with outstanding energy efficiency. 

For the automotive industry, we developed the profiling JetStream. This delivers real-time profiling, where the air knives move over the body shape at approximately 100 – 150mm distance from the surface in order to provide the best static neutralisation and contamination removal.


The 3 Steps of JetStream

Driving Quality Forward

Consistent Cleaning

JetStream provides an ionised airflow which is essential for optimum cleaning performance. Ionised air will break the electrostatic bonds holding contaminants to the surface, enabling effective removal and preventing re-attraction.

Exceptional Coverage

With JetStream, you can forget “striping” problems associated with compressed air nozzles. Our solution delivers a balanced, continuous blade of ionised air for totally consistent performance.

Rapid ROI

Although the initial investment in a JetStream system may be higher, the lifetime cost of ownership is substantially lower. Energy savings and productivity improvements deliver a rapid payback.

Could JetStream help your application?

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