915EX Ionising Bar Granted Improved ATEX Rating

We are happy to report that we have received certification from Baseefa for the 915EX bar, for use with Group IIB gases, in addition to Group IIA.

The Meech Model 915EX has been designed to extend the exceptional performance and other benefits for use on the most arduous static elimination problems in hazardous environments.
The special resistive coupling of its emitter pins renders them shockless, whilst giving powerful static neutralisation performance. This enables the bar to eliminate very high static charges on high-speed webs and at longer ranges than has previously been possible.

The re-certification to the higher gas group IIB allows the use of the 915Ex in more critical hazardous area applications. This opens up new applications for the 915Ex to provide short-range static control in IIB environments, in addition to the long-range ionisation already provided by the 976Ex.