Blog Post – Scrub Away

Nothing ages as quickly as technology (well, except hamsters) – a cutting edge system introduced one year ago can easily be made obsolete half a decade later thanks to the impressive advances in technology. Bearing this in mind, it’s easy to take these advances for granted and forget how far we’ve come in terms of research and equipment.

Like static control bars… do you remember what they were like back in the day? Clunkier and noisier than their modern counterparts, these systems were designed to deal with the issue of contamination first and foremost, while health & safety took the proverbial backseat. Oh sure, older bars could arguably generate more power but were far more dangerous to handle, as they would give much bigger shocks to operators, making them virtually impossible to handle unless you either a) had the thickest gloves on the market or b) were made of rubber. Makes it a little difficult to clean them when they get dusty, doesn’t it?

Fast-forward to the present day and things have changed considerably. The next generation of shockless ac ionising bars have a lower footprint, are lower-powered, and, more importantly, completely safe to touch. In fact, they’re so much easier to handle that all you need to clean them is a toothbrush. That’s right, the little trinket sitting in your bathroom cupboard. No need to waste water or pull out the compressed air gun here – all you have to use is the toothbrush to extract any dust that may have deposited on the bar’s pins.

Technology may be constantly evolving, but sometimes the best solutions truly are the more rudimentary ones!