Meech announce launch of SmartControl Touch: The latest static control monitoring solution for modern automated industries

Meech has formally unveiled its newest remote monitoring solution, SmartControl Touch. An advancement of Meech’s SmartControl device – the new unit allows users to monitor, control and adjust the performance of multiple connected Hyperion ionising bars and sensors via an integrated touchscreen; or remotely via a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

“SmartControl Touch has been designed in line with the growth of Industry 4.0 technology, which is helping businesses maximise productivity and quality of output,” says Adam Battrick, Sales Director at Meech International. “It’s an advanced monitoring and controlling device that includes a 10” integrated touch screen and data logging, as well as being compatible with Meech voltage and distance sensors – so monitoring the performance of our Hyperion static control bars is easier than ever before.”

SmartControl Touch has the capacity to connect up to six devices, with an additional 12 per expansion unit. In total, SmartControl Touch can monitor and control up to 30 devices. Battrick continues: “Our customers use a variety of our static control bars from our Hyperion range, so giving them maximum visibility and control of their performance via a single device allows for increased productivity and quality output on production lines.”

Fast and easy installation means SmartControl Touch can fit in seamlessly with operations. It is simple to use for operators, offering a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. Changes can be made quickly and easily, and with voltage and distance sensor compatibility, SmartControl Touch offers more accurate neutralisation of all charges on materials. Data logging also provides graphic representation of performance, which can be exported for additional analysis.

“Like all Meech products, SmartControl Touch has been designed in response to feedback from the industry,” concludes Battrick. “We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and how we can better help them to improve their quality control and productivity. Static charges have always been a threat to productivity for many manufacturing and converting sectors and SmartControl Touch is yet another innovation from Meech designed to keep unwanted static under control and ensure smooth-running and safe production lines.”