Meech Launches IonWash System for 3D Component Cleaning

Meech International is announcing the launch of its newest technology, the IonWash, designed for the fast and consistent removal of contamination from 3D components in the automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors, among others. The freestanding 3D component cleaning system incorporates extremely powerful ionisation, as well as blowing and vacuuming airflows, providing a more efficient alternative to manual cleaning.

“From the point of inception, the IonWash was developed with ease of use and cleaning efficiency in mind,” explains Adam Battrick, Sales Director at Meech. “Historically, the cleaning of 3D compontents has always been undertaken either by operators handling air guns, or through the use of a compressed air powered unit controlled by a foot switch. However, both of these approaches are heavily reliant on the operator, which leads to inconsistent results – sections of the component may be unevenly cleaned, while contamination blown into the atmosphere may redeposit on the product’s surface. The IonWash single-handedly addresses these issues while also side-stepping others, achieving optimal cleaning performance.”

Key to the IonWash’s design are its multi-directional ionising airflow nozzles. The system is capable of providing 40 different nozzle placement possibilities, ensuring that the 16 multi directional nozzles can be positioned to cover all surfaces of a 3D component. The flexible design allows the high volume ionising airflow to be directed for a programmed optimal time onto uneven surfaces of the components being cleaned – such as a vehicle lighting clusters or a speedometer casings – neutralising static charges and loosening contaminants in the process. Simultaneously, high volume negative (vacuum) air flow extracts the contamination by pulling it into a vacuum chamber where it is filtered. By providing instant positive and negative high volume airflows, the cycle time is significantly reduced.

Adding further to the overall flexibility of the IonWash is the presence of an access point on two sides of the system, enabling installation between two lines. The system is available in two standard size cleaning chamber sizes.

Another key feature of the IonWash is the inclusion of in-built safety features and intelligent performance monitoring systems. In the eventuality the system experiences any technical issues, an alarm will notify the operator. This helps ensure that thorough cleaning is maintained at all times, allowing the IonWash to continue working to its full capabilities. Light guard sensors automatically stop the doors from closing when the sensor is interrupted, ensuring operator safety is maintained, and an emergency stop button is also included.

Adam goes on to elaborate on the key benefits of utilising this technology: “Meech provides an advanced service and support that begins at the design stage and goes through to delivery, including adaptation of the system to suit particular applications. With a tailored design, the IonWash can be adapted to specification, so that it can be easily incorporated into the end user’s production line. Because it is such a time-efficient and effective technology, the end user is getting a consistently high level of contaminant removal with every cleaning cycle – the more contamination is removed from the component’s surface, the higher the quality of the finished good will be. By having such a thorough system in place, the reject rate as a result of poor cleaning is exponentially reduced.”

Adam concludes: “As production techniques have advanced, so have customers’ quality expectations. Today’s suppliers are looking for more ways to stand out from the competition and product cleanliness plays a key role in that. With IonWash, we have delivered a product that is tailored to multiple industries and incorporates the latest cleaning technology while also taking into account our customers’ needs and expectations. Our current users have already reported a four month return on investment, proving to be a value-added asset to their business. We certainly look forward to seeing how it will perform across all our sectors.”