Sturdy Print & Design Ltd. make the switch to Meech’s 915 AC anti-static bars

Lancashire based print company Sturdy Print & Design Ltd. has become one of the latest manufacturers to invest in Meech International’s static control solutions. The company has installed six 915 AC Ionising bars in their flexographic department. The bars enable Sturdy Print & Design’s machines to perform at their optimum level, ensuring the safe and clean removal of static from their high speed web applications; resulting in higher quality print runs.

Founded in 1973, Sturdy Print & Design deal with all aspects of print, specialising in self-adhesive label production for packaging, including industries such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Historically, Sturdy Print & Design has employed ionising bars for its web applications. It was a high demand flexographic run that required the web to be cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate contamination before the application of the ink that encouraged the company to invest in new anti-static bars. A visit from a Meech representative confirmed the current bars were positioned too close to the web to function correctly and that a technology upgrade would ensure optimum ionising performance.

The ionising bar that Sturdy Print & Design chose was the 915 AC bar, which provides effective ionisation up to distances of 150mm, even with fast web speeds; making it ideal for label production. The 915’s flexibility means the bar can be installed at the optimal position on the web.

Phil Cummings, Operations Manager at Sturdy Print & Design explains: “Without Meech’s extensive consultation the bars would not have been able to perform at their optimum. It was only when Meech rectified this that we noticed a huge difference in performance. The equipment functions that much better now that we have new bars that are set in the correct position.”

Sturdy Print & Design were so satisfied with the results, they have already made a further order of two more of Meech’s anti-static bars to be installed on their sheeters.

Phil concludes: “I’m very happy with the quality of the product, the technical advice received before, during, and following installation. I can’t fault it, if I had to find a fault, I’d struggle.”

Says Adam Battrick, Sales Director at Meech International says: “We are delighted to see the positive impact the 915AC is having on their business. We look forward to continuing to work with Sturdy Print & Design and to help them maximise the potential of their investment.”