Options for AC Ionising Equipment

Options for the Meech range of AC Ionising Equipment. 

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900vs2 High Voltage Sensor thumbnail image
900vs2 High Voltage Sensor

Product Code: 900vs2

The Meech Model 900vs2 is a high voltage sensor designed to monitor the high voltage output of Meech AC power units.
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900-Air - Air Assist  thumbnail image
900-Air - Air Assist

Product Code: 900-AIR

The effective range of bars can be increased by the addition of an air-boost system.
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900-HTCON In-line Connector For AC Bars thumbnail image
900-HTCON In-line Connector For AC Bars

Product Code: 900-HTCON

On machinery where AC bars need to be disconnected periodically, the quick connect options provides a simple solution.
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915-Dust - Dust Proof Coating thumbnail image
915-Dust - Dust Proof Coating

Product Code: A915-DUST

For installation in dirty or dusty environments, the dust proof option improves reliance of the bar.
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915-WRES Water Resistant Coating thumbnail image
915-WRES Water Resistant Coating

Product Code: 915-WRES

A water resistant option allows the installation of bars where routine machine cleaning can cause them to be splashed.
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