IML Hydra Pinning Systems

In Mould Labelling requires the use of pinning systems to create the perfect finish. Meech pinning systems offer the ultimate in controlled static generation, ideal for the IML industry.


994CG Remote Setpoint Controller thumbnail image
994CG Remote Setpoint Controller

Product Code: A994CG-RSC-01

The Remote Setpoint Controller (RSC) allows manual adjustment of the output voltage of the 994CG Compact Generator from 4-25kV.
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994 IML Static Generator thumbnail image
994 IML Static Generator

Product Code: 994 IML

The Meech 994-IML provides 0-20kV, Negative polarity, in a lightweight package with connections to suit the Meech Hydra IML pinning system.
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994 Hydra Miniature IML Pinning System thumbnail image
994 Hydra Miniature IML Pinning System

Product Code: 994-HYD-COMP

The 994 Hydra Miniature is a miniaturised in-mould pinning system designed for applications where size and weight are restricted, due to its compact and lightweight design.
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994 Hydra IML Pinning System thumbnail image
994 Hydra IML Pinning System

Product Code: 994-HYDRA

The 994 HYDRA is a miniaturised in-mould labelling pinning system. It is especially useful on applications where small items are being moulded.
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Hyperion 994CG - Compact Generator thumbnail image
Hyperion 994CG - Compact Generator

Product Code: A994CG

The 994CG is designed for the IML market to meet the demand for a compact, lightweight generator to fit on the end of a robot arm.
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