Canadian-based manufacturer reaps the benefits of two static-free years with Meech

For one of North America’s leading producers of high-quality flexible packaging products for perishable foods, keeping production lines static-free is vitally important to maintain product quality and consistency. With a particular focus on the production of flexible packaging using barrier films, the company works hard to ensure consistent manufacturing processes and to meet continual high demand for its flexible packaging products. Eight Meech Hyperion bars (four of each the 929IPS and 971IPS-15) and 56 Bulkhead Nozzles have been successfully removing static from the company’s flexible packaging lines since 2016.

With barrier films forming such an integral part of its flexible packaging range, consistent production is essential in the factory and the generation of static poses a very real threat to this: “Our Central Trim System is a critical process that supports production,” says a company spokesperson. “The presence of static in our separators and balers can trigger false alarms by covering photo-eyes that automate baler cycles or high-level diverters with material.

“Static may also cause trim to stick to a screen located inside the separator, disrupting air flow and performance. Continuous operation is necessary to keep work centers running, so proper static elimination plays a key role. The installation of Meech’s anti-static bars and bulkhead nozzles has kept our sensors and screens free of debris.”

The Hyperion Range of ionizing bars and power supplies are the latest, revolutionary, industrial static control products offered by Meech. Its Hyperion Range of ionizing bars have been engineered to include several key characteristics such as Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology, clean pin alerts, and adjustable output voltage, frequency, and balance. The 929IPS Mid-Range Pulsed DC Ionizing Bar and the 971IPS-15 Long-Range Pulsed DC Ionizing Bar provide the manufacturer with a solution to keep necessary production areas clean and free of debris, while ensuring production is kept flowing.

The spokesperson concludes: “Meech was able to recommend the right static elimination solution for our specific needs and when it came to the installation they were able to strategically place the equipment in the best locations to keep our trim system operating to its full potential. Not only that, their ongoing product support and service has been excellent, and has given us confidence that we are getting maximum utility and maximum value out of the investment.”

Matt Fyffe at Meech Static Eliminators USA says: “This Canadian-based company, specializing in high-quality flexible packaging, is relied on by a huge range of businesses to preserve and protect their products. In such a delicate production process, poorly controlled static can severely hamper productivity. We’re delighted that this company has had such a positive experience with Meech’s anti-static technology and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them into the future.”

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