Comparison of 915 Anti-Static Bar turned ‘Off’ and ‘On’

The performance of our products is at the very core of our business and we have decided to make some short, comparison videos to demonstrate the power of our static control technology.

The first video shows the 915 Anti-Static Bar in action on a bag making machine. From the video, which can be viewed in full here, we can see in the screen on the left how the static charges made during the manufacture process, cause the bags to slide away from each other on exiting the machine. This means that extra time will need to be spent manually sorting the bags into neat piles for packing.

In the window on the right, it is clear to see where the 915 Static Bar has been switched to the ‘on’ position. Here we can see that the bags are being successfully ionised as they pass through the machine, causing them to fall neatly on top of each other with minimised slipping. This leads to neat stacks which can easily be processed by the operator.