Coronavirus: An update from the Meech team

In these uncertain times, we want to reassure you that we are taking the current situation very seriously. We have introduced a number of measures that will allow us to continue to support you and your business. Our first priority is to our staff, distributors, customers and suppliers, we are therefore managing our activities in a way to protect them as best we can.

The situation with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is, as I’m sure you’re aware, constantly evolving. Our senior management team are meeting regularly to review the guidance we receive and the advice we give. We have also updated our procedures to ensure we are able to honour our commitments to our team and our customers.

Our intention at this time is to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain, this will include functioning production, order processing and technical departments, along with a customer service support team. This will allow is to meet customer’s demands with the same high standards we usually work to. We will be reviewing this regularly and can reassure you that we are taking action to minimise risks, where possible. This includes:

Risk Assessment

We have carried out a full risk assessment of our headquarters. This includes;

·       Prioritising the departments most at risk and looking for alternative ways of working where necessary.

·       Restricting face to face meetings and running conference/video calls where possible.

·       Putting in place measures that allow staff with children and at-risk family members to look after them if needed, without disrupting business. 

Travel restrictions

We have cancelled all non-essential travel both in terms of face to face meetings and overseas trips.

Production isolation

Having identified the production facility as a key area, we have restricted the physical interaction people have with this part of the business. This includes restricting entry to only key production personnel and prohibiting entry for external visitors. 


We are issuing internal memos highlighting any new procedures and changes we are asking people to make. We will also be sending regular updates to our wider distributor network. 

Cleaning procedure

We have established a cleaning rota for all communal areas, this is in addition to the increase in cleaning from our professional cleaning company.  

Working from home protocol  

We have now introduced a working from home policy where those who can are working from home. We have ensured everyone has the appropriate hardware for them to work effectively from home and allow a safe continuation of business. 

We have made every effort to balance the welfare of our team with the needs of the business. Whilst we hope these measures will only be temporary, we are confident that the company, its employees and distributors are well placed to deal with any challenges we face.

We would also like to reassure you that whilst there is a chance of delays to orders in the future, at present, orders are being fulfilled as normal.